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UZH for Staff

Insurance for Business Trips and Secondments

UZH employees who travel abroad on behalf UZH, for example for congresses, conferences or field research, including secondments, are automatically covered by the university’s travel insurance. Insurance coverage applies to employees, teaching staff and PhD candidates traveling abroad on behalf of UZH, as well as to students who travel abroad as part of their curriculum. Students are not insured during postgraduate study programs (i.e. MAS, DAS, CAS), semesters abroad, summer school and mobility programs for example.

Travel Insurance

The travel insurance provided by Chubb applies in case of accident or illness abroad and covers medical costs in case of emergencies abroad as well as the costs for repatriation. It also provides insurance cover in case of travel cancelation, loss of luggage or damage to property and personal injury, for example (personal liability insurance).
Overview of Chubb travel insurance coverage (PDF) (PDF, 93 KB) (Login required)

Travel assistance services

The company International SOS provides travel assistance services including risk assessment and preparation for travel abroad, country-specific travel information and support in case of emergencies and claims.

Travel requiring authorization

Authorization is required for travel on behalf of UZH to areas with an increased risk according to the International SOS assessment. Authorization is also recommended for travel to remote areas. Please read the information on the website:
UZH: Travel requiring authorization

No authorization is required for travel on behalf of UZH to any EU/EFTA countries. Likewise, no authorization is required for travel to countries and areas with an insignificant, low or medium risk according to the International SOS assessment.

Business trips to countries with special insurance conditions

Countries with high medical costs

In order to ensure insurance coverage for countries with high medical costs – e.g. USA, Canada, Japan, Australia – specific travel preparations (see travel preparation 3,4) are required. For optimal support in the event of illness or medical emergency, you must inform International SOS via the Assistance App or by telephone. They can then issue a payment guarantee, for example. 
UZH: Travel preparations for business trips

Countries under sanctions

If you are traveling on behalf of UZH to a sanctioned country (e.g. Iran, Syria, North Korea, North Sudan, Cuba, Crimea, Russia), a sanction check must be carried out via International SOS at least one week before departure. See the following website for details: UZH: Travel preparations for business trips

Weiterführende Informationen

Travel with increased risk

Contact Travel Insurance & Travel Preparation

For general questions regarding travel insurance, please contact the Safety, Security and Environment Office..

Emergency contact

In case of emergencies abroad, the travel assistance service provider "International SOS" is the first point of contact via Assistance App. Emergency numbers are also available:

+49 6102 3588 100
+41 (0)22 785 64 64

«International SOS» Assistance App Registration

Download the «International SOS» Assistance App and create your profile using the UZH membership ID, 22AYCA816937.

For registration you must use your primary UZH email address. (

Contact in case of damage

Damages/costs incurred such as travel cancellation or theft of luggage are to be reported directly to the travel insurance company "Chubb" (Policy Number: CHBMNA17284):