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Compatibility of Family and Career

In compliance with our Gender Policy Code of Conduct, the University of Zurich undertakes to provide employment conditions that promote the compatibility of work and family care obligations for women and men.

University Daycare Centers

The University of Zurich offers subsidized childcare to its full and part-time employees. If possible, parents-to-be should register for this service at the start of the pregnancy.

Change of Employment Level in Connection with Parenthood

Employees may apply to reduce their working hours on account of their parenting responsibilities if operational circumstances permit and the line manager agrees. Changes in employment level must be agreed to by the employee and, in keeping with the Gender Policy Code of Conduct, should not have any effect on the employee’s classification, continuing education, support/advancement, etc.

Caring for Sick Children

Parents are entitled to take time off to care for sick preschool and school-age children. Such absences may not exceed five working days per period of illness, however (§ 85 c VVO). Parents are required to do their utmost to make other care arrangements so that they miss as few days of work as possible.

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