Maternity Leave

At UZH, all employees who have an employment relationship with UZH on the date on which they give birth are entitled to 16 weeks’ paid maternity leave, which will begin no earlier than two weeks before the due date as estimated by the employee’s obstetrician.

Temporary employees are entitled to maternity leave until the end of their temporary employment.

The application for maternity leave must be submitted to the Human Resources (HR) Department in the form of an employment order ("Verfügung") from the responsible HR representative together with the Maternity Allowance Application Form. The HR Department then applies for the maternity insurance funds and credits them to the relevant cost center.

Any employee who was subject to mandatory old-age and survivors’ insurance and worked for at least five months in the nine months before the birth of her child is entitled to a maternity allowance. Periods in which the employee was insured and employed in EU or EFTA countries also count. To apply for a maternity allowance from the compensation office, the mother must complete the application form and send it along with the required documents directly or via her responsible HR representative to the Center of Competence responsible for her in the HR Department. 

Maternity Allowance Application Form (PDF, 50 KB)*

Supplementary Maternity Allowance Application Form

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Paternity Leave

The University of Zurich is granting two weeks’ paid paternity leave to employees who become fathers from 1 January 2021 onward. Paid leave may be taken all at once or on a day-by-day basis within six months of a child’s birth. For more details and instructions on how to proceed, please refer to the fact sheet on parenthood.

Fact Sheet on Parenthood (PDF, 75 KB)

Paternity Allowance Application Form (PDF, 74 KB)*

UZH Family Portal

Family at UZH is a comprehensive portal for families at UZH. It provides a range of helpful information about combining work, studies and family life at UZH.

Family at UZH


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