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Change Management

Opportunities for managers and leaders

Change is happening all the time at different levels, whether formal and logical (e.g. with a strategic reorientation or reorganization of an organizational unit), or psychosocial (e.g. as cultures and new forms of collaboration evolve). Change management support from HR Development mainly addresses the psychosocial level. It is concerned first and foremost with the people affected by change.


The need for change is analyzed with managers and leaders, and where appropriate also with the individuals concerned. The opportunities and risks of the change are considered, and the associated emotions and any resistance processed. Managers and leaders are offered help and ongoing support with how to communicate with their teams.

Two things are crucial to successful change support: the HR Development specialist must be involved at an early stage, i.e. from project planning onwards, and all parties must show the necessary patience. In many cases it will not be clear whether or not change management support has been successful. The results often become apparent at an advanced stage of development, or even after the project has ended.

Once the scope of the necessary support has been determined, a decision will be made on the need to bring in further internal and/or external experts or agencies. The next steps are then decided together with all involved parties.

Duration How long change management support lasts depends heavily on the extent of the intended changes. It will generally be provided for three months or more, up to several years if necessary.
Costs No costs are charged if change management support is provided by an internal HR Development specialist. Costs will be incurred if it is provided by an external specialist or agency. These must be borne by the organizational unit receiving the support.


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