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For answers to questions on the digital Lunch-Check card, paper lunch checks, your credit, login, and anything else, please see The UZH Human Resources department, and also your delegated HR representative, have no insight into your personal Lunch-Check account which is why they can only answer questions concerning the administrative card order process.

How can I register for lunch checks?

Eligible staff who wish to continue or start to benefit from the meal subsidy and would therefore like an Lunch-Check card must submit the electronic application form on the HR website. By ordering a Lunch-Check card, staff members automatically declare their agreement that UZH may forward to the Lunch-Check card supplier, the Swiss Lunch-Check Cooperative, the personal data required to produce and send the Lunch-Check card. In the event of a late application, HR cannot guarantee the receipt of lunch checks for the current month.

When do I receive my digital Lunch-Check card?

Staff who fill out the electronic form by the 7th of the current month, will receive their personal lunch check card by the end of month, directly from the Swiss Lunch-Check cooperative with all the key information on how to use the card.

If consent is not given, your meal subsidies will be suspended until you submit a new order consenting to the transfer of your data.

Where can I find more details on using the Lunch-Check card?

Will the Lunch-Check credit also be loaded retroactively to my card if I miss the deadline?

No. Orders for digital lunch check cards will be applied to the next salary and will not be credited retroactively if the form is not filled out on time.

I am paid by the hour: Do I have to do anything special?

Those working on an hourly basis must also fill out the form provided by HR to receive a Lunch-Check card. The lunch check subsidy is calculated as follows:

Number of hours worked ÷ max. hours per month on a 100% volume x 100 = employment level (EL)

90h ÷ 180h x 100 = 50% employment level = 50% claim to the maximum lunch check amount

In the case of staff paid on an hourly basis, the Lunch-Check meal subsidy is paid out only in the months in which the staff member receives a salary payment.

Is the employer's contribution to costs relevant to wages or taxable?

No. The handing out of Lunch-Check cards is treated in the same way as a meal discount through subsidized meals in a canteen.

What happens to my data when I leave UZH?

12 months after the credit on your card reaches zero your data will be deleted. While you still have credit, the card can be used as usual even after your departure.

What happens in the case of concurrent employment?

In the case of concurrent employment, lunch checks are no longer issued per hiring. Instead, the calculation is based on the employment level derived from the sum of all the hirings.

Who pays the employer’s share of the subsidy?

As a rule, the employer’s share (50% of the whole amount) is booked to the cost center or WBS element of the hiring. In the case of staff hired on a concurrent employment basis, the costs are distributed proportionately.

How can I stop receiving my lunch checks if this is what I decide in the future?

You fill in the electronic form "suspension / stop lunch checks" by which you can suspend or stop the issue of your meal subsidy.

How is the meal allowance calculated for teaching staff?

The paid weekly semester hours (SWS) per semester are taken into account for the calculation of the meal allowance. For example, two SWS is equivalent to an employment level of 7.5%. Teaching staff with an employment level of 7.5% are entitled to a meal allowance of CHF 112.50 per semester. Half of the entitlement is deducted from the employees' wages.

I already have a Lunch-Check card through another employer. Can I have the UZH meal allowance transferred to this account so I that I only have one card?

As you have two employers you will by default receive two cards. According to the Swiss Lunch-Check Cooperative, in order to have both allowances transferred to one card you must contact them before your UZH account is open to request the consolidation.

Can I load my paper lunch checks to my card?

Yes. The nominal value of the paper lunch checks can also be transferred to your Lunch-Check account (see here:

The paper lunch checks must be sent by registered mail to the following address, stating the card number, name and address.

Schweizer Lunch-Check, Gotthardstrasse 55, 8027 Zurich, Switzerland
Site plan and opening hours

Of course, the exchange is also possible during opening hours at the Swiss Lunch-Check counter.

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If you cannot find an answer to your question here, please contact the responsible HR representative in your organizational unit or the Competence Center responsible for you in the Human Resources Department.