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Detailed Information

1. Contractual Relationship Lunch-Check Card

The Lunch-Check card is not issued by UZH but directly by the cantonal administration’s preferred supplier, the Swiss Lunch-Check Cooperative. A contractual relationship is set up between the corresponding UZH staff member and the Swiss Lunch-Check Cooperative in accordance with their terms and conditions (which UZH staff are required to accept).

2. Initial Data Transfer

In order that the Swiss Lunch-Check Cooperative (and a company by the name of "Boncard") can issue the Lunch-Check card and open the corresponding account, data on the entitled UZH staff members are required. For this reason, UZH is obliged to transfer personal data to the Swiss Lunch-Check Cooperative. In order to open the account and issue and send the card, UZH must initially supply the following data to the Swiss Lunch-Check Cooperative:

  • Personal ID
  • First and last name
  • Home address
  • Language
  • Date of birth

A home address is needed by the Swiss Lunch-Check Cooperative to issue the card directly to the staff member as a new account holder. The date of birth is required for the unambiguous identification of the legitimate card holder in the event of inquiries or loss/theft.
The data submitted in this initial transfer are transferred exclusively for the aforementioned purposes. Any later changes to the data submitted at this initial stage must be made by the staff member, as account holder, directly to the Swiss Lunch-Check Cooperative.

3. Monthly Transfer of Certain Data

Besides the initial data transfer, UZH forwards to the Swiss Lunch-Check Cooperative the personal ID of the entitled staff members, as well as the corresponding total amount already calculated in SAP on a monthly basis. This enables any changes to a staff member’s employment relationship that will influence the amount of lunch checks to be issued (due to a change in employment level, for example) to automatically be taken into account.

4. Entitlement

Entitlement is awarded to staff employed at UZH under public law as well as to adjunct instructors employed under private law. Staff members are awarded entitlement from the first month of their employment and from any employment level. Excluded from entitlement are:

  • Matriculated staff at UZH who – as doctoral candidates, teaching and research assistants, and student assistants – already receive full benefits from the canteens like matriculated students.
  • UZH staff whose workplace is outside of Switzerland. Please note: This does not apply to cross-border commuters from Germany with residence in the German territory close to the border and workplace in Switzerland.

5. Meal Subsidy Amounts

The monthly meal subsidy for employees on a full employment level amounts to CHF 250, half of which, i.e. CHF 125 is deducted from the employee’s salary. The other half is paid by UZH as the employer. For part-time staff, the amount of meal subsidies and salary deduction is reduced according to employment level. Payments are made pro rata on a monthly basis.

Staff paid on an hourly basis receive a pro rata amount in those months in which worked hours are remunerated (automatic calculation of the employment level, based on the hours entered).
Adjunct instructors employed under private law receive their meal subsidy on a half-year basis with the remuneration of their semester fees.

The following table gives an overview of the meal subsidy rates:

Employment level (in %)

Meal subsidy


25.- per month – CHF 300.- p.a.


50.- per month – CHF 600.- p.a.


75.- per month – CHF 900.- p.a.


100.- per month – CHF 1,200.- p.a.


125.- per month – CHF 1,500.- p.a.


150.- per month – CHF 1,800.- p.a.


175.- per month – CHF 2,100.- p.a.


200.- per month – CHF 2,400.- p.a.


225.- per month – CHF 2,700.- p.a.


250.- per month – CHF 3,000.- p.a.

6. Data Protection

The exclusive use of the data transferred by UZH to the Swiss Lunch-Check Cooperative for Lunch-Check card administration purposes is stipulated by contract.

Persons ordering a Lunch-Check card are required to give their consent to the transfer of the specified data. Without this, it is not possible to order a Lunch-Check card and therefore claim a Lunch-Check meal subsidy.

7. Further Information

Once an order has been placed using the online form, the corresponding account will be opened by the Swiss Lunch-Check Cooperative and the Lunch-Check card produced and dispatched.

Any paper Lunch Checks still available can still continue to be used or their nominal value can be transferred to the Lunch-Check account (see here: The Lunch-Check card can be topped up with up to CHF 3,000.00.

Employees carry responsibility for loss and theft. A replacement card fee will be charged by the Swiss Lunch-Check Cooperative.

If you have any questions regarding the Lunch-Check card, please refer to the Swiss Lunch-Check Cooperative’s website:

If you have any questions that cannot be answered by the Swiss Lunch-Check Cooperative FAQs or the Human Resources FAQs please contact the HR Service Center ( / 044 634 17 53).

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