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  • “With each other, not alongside each other”

    Artificial intelligence and big data are changing society fast. Harald Gall, Claudia Witt and Lena Jäger discuss the digital transformation at UZH.

  • AI Buddy and Networked Data

    After launching its digital strategy around a year ago, UZH has now set priorities for its implementation.

  • From Women’s Advancement to Diversity and Inclusion

    UZH looks back on 35 years of gender equality efforts, from the early days of women’s advancement to the current work of the Office for Gender Equality and Diversity.

  • “The basis is mutual respect”

    UZH President Michael Schaepman emphasizes the key role of differentiated, open dialogue in the Middle East conflict. In the interview he also talks about the importance of showing empathy.

  • UZH Reviews Its Accessibility at Various Levels

    The UZH Accessible project aims to significantly improve accessibility at UZH – in structural, digital and cultural-organizational terms. Physical obstacles in publicly accessible UZH buildings have

  • Research Up Close and Personal

    On Saturday, 8 June, the Science and Nature Festival will take place on UZH’s Irchel Campus. Keeping with the spirit of the event’s motto – Discover | Research | Celebrate Diversity – visitors can

  • Bridge Building, Good Governance and Grumpy Professors

    UZH celebrated the 191st anniversary of its founding last Saturday. Daniel Jositsch, a member of the Council of States, held an opening address that humorously touched on the role of politics and

  • “We want to help raise awareness”

    The number of reported cases of sexual harassment has increased over the past few years, according to the statistics by UZH’s committee for the protection against sexual harassment. We met with

  • A Say in Shaping UZH

    On 24 May, UZH staff get to vote for their representatives on various UZH bodies. Applications can be submitted until 10 May.

  • Achieving Healthy Leadership Together

    UZH has updated its Leadership and Management Principles, providing all employees with a shared frame of reference for developing UZH’s leadership culture.

  • Irchel Campus to Host High Schools

    This summer, Kantonsschule Zürich Nord will relocate to two renovated buildings on Irchel Campus, creating a coexistence of university and high school that is unique in Switzerland. This move will

  • Studying without Barriers

    In a panel discussion at UZH on the topic of studying and working with disabilities, the kinds of everyday difficulties disabled students face were brought out in the open. The Executive Board of the

  • UZH to No Longer Provide Data for THE Ranking

    The University of Zurich has decided to withdraw from the Times Higher Education World University Ranking. The ranking is not able to reflect the wide range of activities in teaching and research

  • University Autonomy is a Valuable Asset

    At Una Europa’s first public discussion in Switzerland, the leaders of the universities of Zurich, Leiden and Edinburgh were all in agreement: the academic, organizational and financial independence

  • Young People from Poorer Families Make Fewer Friends

    A new study has found that children growing up in low-income families have fewer opportunities to make friends and to socially integrate at school. Researchers from the University of Zurich and the

  • Incentives for Sustainable Travel

    New expense regulations enter into force at UZH on 1 January 2024. The fully revised regulations aim to encourage UZH members to choose sustainable travel options for their business trips.

  • Equal Pay for Equal Work

    In 2023, women and men working at UZH continued to earn equal pay for work of equal value.

  • A Smartwatch App to Tackle Long Covid

    A treatment for people suffering from Long Covid is yet to materialize. The only approach that has proven to be effective is for patients to manage their symptoms. Researchers at UZH have developed

  • Winning Project for “PORTAL UZH” Selected

    The planned new building called PORTAL UZH is a key part of the mid- to long-term development of Irchel Campus. The conclusion of the architectural competition marks the first step in making the

  • What Makes a Good Leader?

    Nicole Ochsenbein, UZH professor and director of the Department of Obstetrics at the University Hospital Zurich, is one of the first persons to complete the leadership program for professors at UZH.