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Lab Equipment

Lab equipment functions longer and more reliably when serviced regularly. As per the relevant directive, each department/institute is responsible for ensuring that its equipment is serviced. We plan, coordinate, and carry out maintenance and small repairs, and contract external service providers where required. 

1st-Level Support

We check your equipment on site. If the repairs can be carried out by the UZH technician, you will only be charged for the replacement parts. If an external service provider is required, the costs will be charged directly to the department/institute.

Note: The instruments must be cleaned in advance to ensure that the technician is not exposed to any health risks.

List of Contacts

  Information and Forms Contact
Mechanical Equipment Vacuum pumps, rotary evaporators, centrifuges and similar instruments Thomas Schnidrig
Laminar Flow

A framework agreement is in place for annual servicing. If your laminar flow cabinet should be included in this agreement, a one-off registration and selection of servicing package is required. Servicing appointments are organized in June and carried out in September.

Julien Wetzel
Microscopes Maintenance, repair and lamp replacement of light and fluorescence microscopes. German Köstinger

Drop off the pipettes with the completed order form at the Shop Irchel Material Center. After the service, they will be returned to the institute as indicated on the form. (Login with SWITCH edu-ID)


to Order Form METTLER (Rainin)

to Order Form Eppendorf

to Order Form Socorex

to Order Form BioConcept

    Gilson discontinued until further notice

Irchel Shop

As an accredited calibration Center for the range 100mg to 2kg, we carry out calibrations and annual servicing.

German Köstinger
Cytometry Instruments

We service all Becton Dickinson FACS instruments.

German Köstinger

Weiterführende Informationen

Maintenance Responsibility of Departments/Institutes (in german)

Clearance Declaration (in german)