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UZH for Staff

Sending Letters and Packages

The internal mail personnel in the Logistics office are responsible for sending letters and packages weighing up to 30 kg between the listed UZH addresses. Other UZH addresses are served by Swiss Post.

Postage, Mail Processing, and Declaration of Consignments

UZH addresses;

internal mail
Please put your outgoing mail in the designated mailboxes or use one of the in-house postal mail desks.

Addresses served by internal mail:

List internal Mail (PDF, 155 KB)

Other UZH addresses; other sites that are not covered by internal mail

The sender must put stamps on outgoing mail and pass it to Swiss Post. You can order the required stamps from us.


These stamps are not to be used for personal mail!

International consignments with Swiss Post 

Customs declaration:

Up to 2 kg: CN 22/CN23

2 kg and above: waybill on account

When sending items abroad, you must complete the customs declaration online. Put the completed and signed shipping documents (CN22/CN23 or waybill on account incl. pro forma invoice) into a mailing wallet and attach this to the shipment. 


New mandatory fields for business customers:

  • Customs tariff number for articles – can be found via the Tares system
  • Shipping to Europe requires the recipient’s tax number (EORI no.) – ask the recipient for this


You can get document wallets from all internal postal mail desks or order them by e-mailing


Waybills created via the Swiss Post login for private customers (cash payment) cannot be used. Only use the UZH Swiss Post user account that we have set up. 

Guide to customs declaration (CN22/23) (PDF, 412 KB)


Create consignment documents for international small goods


Create waybill (on account) incl. guide


Tares system


Request user access

International shipping with courier services

GLS (nur Europa)




Shipping via courier services is charged to the institute/department. User accounts for GLS (UZH Swiss Post login) and FedEx (linked to the UZH FDX customer number) are managed by UZH Logistics Customer Support (contact: For DHL, UPS, etc., users need to register with the courier service directly. Shipping documents must be created online.  

Courier shipments abroad (PDF, 213 KB)


Quick Guide to GLS shipments (PDF, 209 KB)


Courier service information



Personal mail

Only items with postage paid are accepted and passed on to Swiss Post. Stamps and postage can be purchased at our internal postal mail desks at the Irchel Campus and City Campus.


The WebStamp service is only available to privately registered individuals. If mail is handed in without postage, it will be returned to the sender or the recipient will be charged.

Information Postal Mail Desks



Swiss Post private customers

Weiterführende Informationen

Contact, Hazardous Materials

EU requirements for shipping documents

Applies to all carriers and Post CH AG