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Vocational Education

The University of Zurich currently offers over 100 apprenticeship positions in 13 different professions.

You’re Looking for an Apprenticeship

Information on the various apprenticeships is provided at

Working at UZH (in German)

You’d Like to Become a Vocational Instructor

Would you like to train an apprentice or offer a new apprenticeship? Thomas Meyer,
People Development and Vocational Education Expert, will be happy to provide you with further information.

You’re a Vocational Instructor

The communication with the UZH vocational instructors takes place via e-mail. We are currently developing a collaboration platform via Microsoft Teams.

Subject Group Vocational Education UZH

The subject group on vocational education (Berufliche Grundbildung UZH) advises the Executive Board of the University, the head of Human Resources and the coordination office for vocational education when it comes to vocational training. It develops and updates UZH’s vocational education concept and gathers information on and prepares education-policy developments in the departments/institutes. For more information, please contact Thomas Meyer, People Development and Vocational Education Expert.

Members of the Subject Group Vocational Education UZH

Human Resources Dr. Karin Bertschinger (chair)
Thomas Meyer
Vocational Education Specialists

David Ehrat
Prof. Dr. Katrin Kraus
Roberto Mazzoni
Steve Rast
Karin Widmer
Vladimira Zubanovic

Apprentice Representatives Élodie Armand
Diellon Isufi
Amra Muratovic


Weiterführende Informationen


Thomas Meyer
People Development / Coordination Vocational Education UZH
Phone: 044 634 24 72