Accident Insurance

Mandatory Accident Insurance

If you have a valid employment contract or a valid employment decision from the University of Zurich, you have mandatory insurance for work-related accidents.

If you work at least eight hours per week, you will also be insured against non-work-related accidents. Should you work less than eight hours per week, you must take out this accident insurance as part of your health insurance policy.

Employees who take unpaid leave of more than a month can extend their insurance cover by taking out interim accident cover. This interim cover can be concluded for a maximum of six months after the end of the extended cover. You can obtain the relevant form from the Human Resources Department.

Accident insurance guidelines (PDF, 542 KB) (external document in German from the Canton of Zurich)

Voluntary Top-Up Cover for Accident Insurance

If you are insured against non-work-related accidents via the University of Zurich, you can also take out voluntary top-up cover. You will have to pay the premium yourself. It amounts to 0.300% of your salary subject to AHV and is deducted from your salary payment each month.

Further information on voluntary top-up cover is provided in the accident insurance guidelines (see above).

Registration for voluntary top-up cover for accident insurance (PDF, 52 KB)* (external document in German from the Canton of Zurich)


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