Welcome Package


Welcome to the University of Zurich!

Here you will find important details about your new work environment.

Welcome address of the President a. i. (PDF, 591 KB)

Welcome Day

The Executive Board of the University extends a personal welcome to all new staff.

Discover fascinating research topics at UZH and build a network with your new colleagues.

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Employment Conditions

Most of the UZH staff are employed under public law. Members of the teaching staff are employed under private law.

You will find all necessary information here:

Employment conditions under public law (PDF, 281 KB)

Professorial employment

Employment conditions for instructors

Information about pension funds at UZH:

BVK (PDF, 132 KB)

VSAO (PDF, 150 KB)

Working Hours

UZH offers full-time and part-time employments with flexible working hours.

Administrative and technical staff are required to record the hours they work.

To learn how working hours are regulated, please see the Fact Sheet on Working Hours.

Working hours (PDF, 156 KB)

Consulting Services

The Human Resources (HR) Department offers advice and support in all questions concerning your employment. Moreover, there are numerous consulting services for your personal well-being:


Enjoy exploring!

Family and Career

UZH values its employees' work-life balance – for instance, by offering a wide range of childcare services near your UZH workplace.

Family and career

Parenthood (PDF, 383 KB)

kihz – foundation for childcare in the Zurich University area


UZH has established eight leadership and management principles with the aim of raising awareness of challenges surrounding leadership. They contain specific recommendations for leaders and managers, and ideas to help them reflect on their own leadership style and behavior.

The University believes it is essential to cultivate a leadership culture that combines the freedom necessary for research and teaching with the operational business requirements at the administrative level.

UZH supports its employees in developing and improving their leadership and management skills.

Leadership and Management Principles

Salary System

The salary system of the Canton of Zurich applies to most of our staff. Individual salaries are set in accordance with the professional role acquired and the level of your professional experience.

At UZH, there are fixed classification guidelines for the salaries of junior academics and instructors.

Salary system of the Canton of Zurich (in German)

Salary classification guidelines for academic positions (PDF, 80 KB)

Remuneration for teaching appointments at UZH (PDF, 57 KB)

The employment ordinance of UZH (PVO-UZH) as well as the employment act of the Canton of Zurich and its ordinance (Personalgesetz, PG) provide the legal foundations for your employment under public law. The Swiss Code of Obligations governs employments under private law.

Employment ordinance of UZH (PVO-UZH) (in German)

Employment act of the Canton of Zurich (PG) (in German)

Employment ordinance of the Canton of Zurich (PVO) (in German)

Implementation ordinance of the employment act of the Canton of Zurich (VVO) (in German)

Swiss Code of Obligations (OR)

Employees must also observe numerous UZH regulations, policies and guidelines. You are required to inform yourself independently and keep up to date with these regulations and policies. Here are several of such important documents:

Legal documents of UZH (in German)

General house regulations (PDF, 99 KB)

Regulation on the use of IT tools (in German)

Regulation on the protection against sexual harassment

Gender Policy

Diversity Policy

Representative Bodies at UZH

Discounts and Offers

As an employee of UZH, you benefit from numerous discounts and other offers. Click here to find out what these are.

Discounts and special offers

Eligible employees can also apply for meal contributions with a Lunch Check card. This requires a UZH login.

Continuing Education

We believe continuing education for our staff members is essential.

UZH offers various in-house continuing education courses. In addition, UZH and ETH Zurich have a broad range of language courses. UZH employees can also attend the training and continuing education programs offered by the Canton of Zurich.

In-House Continuing Education at UZH

Language Center of UZH and ETH

IT Training

Continuing education program of the Canton of Zurich (in German)