The basic salary for staff members employed under public law is defined in the cantonal salary regulations and is paid out in either 12 or 13 monthly installments depending on the type of employment. Compensation for academic staff and instructors is governed by a separate set of regulations.

Overview of salary regulations 2020 (PDF, 385 KB)

Salary regulations 2020 (PDF, 3881 KB)

Classification guidelines for academic positions (PDF, 80 KB)

Rates for instructors (PDF, 57 KB)

SNSF rates for doctoral candidates 

Traineeship salaries 2020 (PDF, 613 KB)


Allowances and benefits may also be paid in addition to the base salary, such as:

  • Child and/or education allowances
    Family benefits
  • Function-based allowances


The following may be deducted from the base salary:

  • Withholding tax for foreign employees resident in the Canton of Zurich or abroad
    Withholding tax
  • Voluntary top-up cover for accidents