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HR Employee Self-Service (ESS) - FAQ

General Information

What is ESS and why was this service introduced?

ESS stands for Employee Self-Service. It is an online portal that enables you as a UZH employee to complete various HR processes yourself. It was introduced to give staff members greater autonomy and flexibility in managing their personal data and employment-related matters. As a tool, it will enhance HR support for staff, foster transparency and improve the flow of information within UZH.

Who can use ESS?

All UZH staff members who are employed according to public law and apprentices have access to ESS. People who are employed only as teaching staff or on a fee basis cannot use ESS.

Can employees with concurrent employment use ESS?

Employees with multiple positions at UZH can use ESS if at least one of these positions is public-law employment.

Which services are available to staff?

There will be two services available at first: electronic payslips and the ability to change bank account details.

If I leave UZH, how long will I be able to access ESS for?

You will be able to access the system up until your leaving date.

Access / Login

How does ESS work and how can I access it?

ESS can be accessed via the internet. Employees need to log in with their login data (short name and password) to access the service. They will also be asked to log in with multifactor authentication.

Where do I need to log in to use ESS?

To use ESS, you need to log in on the business applications portal

Can I use ESS outside of UZH on a personal computer, smartphone or tablet?

Yes, you can use ESS from any location and on any device, provided you have internet access. To do so, go to the website for the business applications portal and then log in with your login data (short name and password). You will also be asked to log in with multifactor authentication.

Changing Bank Details

How do I change my bank details (only bank accounts with IBAN number)?

To change your bank details, log in to ESS and click the box that says “Bankdaten ändern” (Change bank details). You can then enter and save your new bank details. Changes to your bank details can only be applied from the first day of a month in the future. Please note that you can only change bank details for accounts in countries with IBAN numbers.

How do I enter a bank account from a country that does not have IBAN numbers?

If you wish to change the details for an account in a country that does not have IBAN numbers, you will still need to contact your HR representative.

Electronic Payslips

How do I view my payslips?

To access your payslips, log in to ESS and click the box that says “Lohnabrechnungen” (Payslips). You will see a list of your payslips, which you can then download or print.

When does a payslip become available in ESS?

Each payslip is added to ESS on the day on which the payment is made.

How long are payslips available in ESS?

You can access payslips for the last 24 months in ESS.

How are employees notified about changes in their monthly payment?

In case of a payment change, employees receive an automatic email notification. The purpose of such an email is to provide transparency and information about possible changes in the monthly payments.

How do I get my last payslip after I leave?

When the date of your leave is entered in the system, a note will be made that paper copies of the final payslips also need to be sent to the most recent home address that Human Resources has on record for you. Before you leave, please remember to download or print your payslips, in case you might need them later.

Can I print and/or save my payslips?

Yes, you can print each payslip or download them and then save them. Please make sure that you choose a secure place to save or print them.

Who can I contact with questions about payslips?

If you have any questions about payslips, you can contact your HR representative.


What happens if I have forgotten my login data (short name and password)?

 If you have forgotten your login data, you can contact the Central IT support team

What should I do if I have forgotten my password?

 If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it online in the Central IT support area

How do I set up multifactor authentication?

If you do n’ot have multifactor authentication yet, you can find a guide on the Central IT support page

Who can help me with problems with ESS?

If you have any problems with ESS, you can contact the relevant Human Resources competence center Competence Center.