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UZH for Staff

Equipment Exchange

UZH operates an equipment exchange to promote the utilization of equipment that would otherwise stand idle. The following equipment is currently available in the equipment exchange.

Obtain Equipment

Group 1Further use at UZH

Cost: Free

Collection point: Receipt of Goods office at Irchel Campus or delivery via UZH transport service. If special transport is required, the costs will be charged to you.

Group 2 –  Further use at a cantonal institutions and universities

Group 3 –  Further personal use

Cost: See equipment list (cash payment)

Collection point: Receipt of Goods, Irchel Campus

Dispo Logistic, Irchel Campus


Current equipment (in german)

Submit Equipment

The equipment exchange accepts equipment that is complete, fully functional, and clean. Wherever possible, equipment should be accompanied by the relevant handbooks, manuals, and descriptions.

If the piece of equipment stems from a BL2 or BL3 lab, or a toxin, chemical or radiation lab, a clearance declaration must be filled out and attached to the equipment prior to its removal (relocation, disposal).

Form for submitting equipment (in german)

Clearance Declaration (in german)

Weiterführende Informationen

Contact, Equipment Exchange

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