Delicious Food from around the World

The food on offer at the UZH Midsummer Night Party is as diverse and varied as UZH itself. Julia, Ramon, Heidi, Lynn, Jack and their colleagues on the food stalls and food trucks will make your mouth water with delicious dishes from around the globe – for example a pad thai, a US-style burger, a Greek salad, a spicy chili con carne and the best of local food, such as a Wollishofen bratwurst.

Sommernachtsfest Bar

Surf, Midsummer, Labor or Music-Bar: No matter which of the bars you go to, there is a wide range of drinks and refreshments available. You can even meet President Michael Hengartner and his colleagues at the Unileitungs-Bar, where members of the Executive Board of the University as well as the deans will help you quench your thirst. And don’t forget to have a drink at the VAUZ bar to celebrate its 50th anniversary.


All registered guests over the age of 12 have received 5 vouchers per person. These can be used at all the bars and food stalls.

Free for Children up to Age 12

For children up to 12 you have received party wristbands. The wristbands entitle children to free food and drinks at the “Schlaraffenland” stall. You may also note the child's name and your phone number on the writsband. This way no child will get lost at the party.

Lunch Checks

All bars and food stalls accept either cash or vouchers. For technical reasons, it’s not possible to pay for drinks at the bars with your lunch check card. However, we have arranged for a lunch check exchange point, where you can use your lunch check card to purchase meal and drink vouchers, which can be used at the bars.

Please note: Vouchers cannot be returned!

Reusable Cups

We don’t want to have to throw away thousands of cups. This is why all of the bars will use reusable cups for a deposit of CHF 2.- per cup. You will get the deposit back when you return your cup at any one of the bars.