Results of the 2020 Apprentice Survey

In the summer of 2020, the University of Zurich surveyed apprentices on their basic vocational education at UZH. The main objective of the survey was to determine how satisfied apprentices are with their basic vocational education and to identify areas for improvement.

Scope and objective of the survey

The 2020 UZH apprentice survey was led by Prof. Dr. Philipp Gonon and conducted by the Institute of Education on behalf of the Central Coordination Office for Basic Vocational Education UZH of Human Resources.

Among the 85 apprentices in basic vocational education at UZH, 28 apprentices participated in the survey between 28 July 2020 and 26 August 2020. The response rate of 33% is good according to social scientific standards.

The aim and purpose of the survey was to gauge satisfaction among apprentices with regard to their basic vocational training. The survey also identified positive aspects as well as areas for improvement in order for UZH to take appropriate action.

Survey findings

The results of the apprentice survey show that the apprentices are generally very satisfied with their apprenticeship and their instructors. They view UZH as a good, appealing employer and training institution and are grateful and proud to be UZH apprentices.

Support, supervision, learning outcomes, their own tasks and the learning opportunities contribute most to satisfaction. At their relevant workplaces, the apprentices primarily rate the team as well as the mentoring and support they experience positively. Being valued in the workplace and able to work independently is important to the apprentices. According to the survey, they receive the help and support they need. After completing their basic vocational education, most apprentices remain employed at their place of education.

Some apprentices believe there is potential for improvement when it comes to promoting and expanding networking between apprentices throughout UZH. Furthermore, communication and interaction with the apprentices in terms of their appreciation are indicated as needing improvement.

Conclusion of the survey

The results were discussed with the vocational instructors of the surveyed apprentices and the following measures were considered:

  • Apprentices: A strengthening of cross-institutional networking among apprentices through joint UZH events, excursions or projects.
  • Vocational instructors: Deepening of competencies, e.g. through further training courses, in order to promote communication and interaction with apprentices.

These measures are intended to support the conditions for successful apprenticeships at UZH. The Coordination Office for Basic Vocational Education UZH will help shape these measures and continue to work to expand apprenticeships at UZH. The office would like to thank the apprentices for taking part in the survey.