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UZH for Staff

Technical glassblowing


  • Construction and drawing of glass
    apparatus – for example, distillation, sublimation, and high-vacuum systems.
  • Manufacture of glass equipment from Duran and quartz glass.
  • Manufacture of glass-metal connections.
  • We vacuum-seal your samples.
  • We buy glass parts for you at special conditions directly from DWK/Duran.
  • We repair glass equipment.
  • We offer glassblowing courses.
  • We keep a comprehensive stock of glass parts and apparatus.


Irchel Campus 
Y11 E42 
Winterthurerstr. 190 
CH-8057 Zürich

First Contact 

Stefan Gut
+41 44 635 41 32





Glass is an inert material that can easily be formed by heat. It is ideal for many experimental set-up in Chemistry, Physics, Biology and other disciplines. We are experts in translating your needs into a glass apparatus. After we designed together the new apparatus, we process the glass on the lathe or by hand on the burner in the desired shape. We use diamond tools for cutting, grinding, polishing, drilling, and milling work on glass, quartz glass, and ceramics. One of our specialties are to connect vacuum-tight metals with glass or to seal valuable samples into small glass containments.
In many cases, we can repair broken glass ware or devices. You do not have to buy an expensive replacement. We can also manufacture expensive glass parts like cuvettes for analytical equipment.
If you want to learn more about the countless applications of glass, attend one of our hands-on glassblowing courses. You will prepare some small glass art objects.

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Assistance for Sealing Samples
and Ampules under Vacuum

Glassblowing course 

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Location and Opening Hours

Y11 E42
Monday to Friday:
2:00pm to 3:00pm
Outside of opening hours by telephone appointment.

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