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UZH for Staff


As of March 1st, 2022, UZH will offer the following parking permit type via the Parkingpay app.

Depending on the workload, permits / add-ons for other UZH locations / parking zones can also be issued via multiple-day parking permit. 

In addition, form March 1st, 2022, hourly parking via the Parkingpay app will be possible at the following additional UZH locations:

  • August-Forel-Str. 7 (24 hrs.)
  • Plattenstrasse 27 (19:00-06:00) 

These parking permits, which have so far been available in paper form, will be available via Parkingpay as of 01.03.2022. There is no longer any need to deposit the parking permit on the dashboard; the permit is kept as a data record behind the license plate, which also simplifies matters considerably for the control authority. 

Please download the Parkinpay app from Google Play or App Store, for other operating systems please use the web app. You can also do the activation on a PC via 

Below you will find instructions on how to do this. 

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