Cooling Units

You have various options for procuring cooling equipment. Please note that flammable contents must be stored in EX-protected cooling units.

Standard cooling units

We recommend these units.

They will be delivered and installed; the invoice is sent to you directly by the supplier.

Orders can be places by P4U. You will find the units under "Catalogues" in the category "Kühl- und Tiefkühlgeräte UZH Sortiment". 

to P4U

Other devices

If you have not found anything among the standard devices, you can request a quotation for the device you are looking for. 

For an order you need an quotation. 

If the device must be monitored via the central controlling system, the feasibility must be clarified with the supplier in advance. 

The devices are delivered and installed. 

You will receive the invoice directly from the supplier. 

Orders can be placed via P4U as free text orders. 

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Units from retail suppliers These are not suitable for lab use. We do not service or repair such units, nor can they be connected to the central controlling system.  

Central Controlling System, Monitoring of Cooling Units

Cooling units (except for those from retail suppliers) can be connected to the UZH central controlling system. The necessary modifications are carried out for a fee by a UZH technician. Connection to the system ensures 24-hour temperature monitoring even during power cuts. The minimum and maximum temperatures for triggering the alarm can be adjusted according to your requirements.


Fee for unit modification: CHF 500 per unit, plus fee for connection of the modified unit to the central controlling system: CHF 1,000 to 5,000 depending on location.